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We have a full team for anything you need.  If it is investment related we do it!

All real estate is an investment and many times the biggest investment you will ever make. Make sure you are using an agent that understands investment real estate. I will help you find a property and evaluate the property.  Whether it is for your personal home investment, or one your are going to flip or rent. You need to make sure you understand today's value, the after repair value if needed, and the future value. 

We have lenders, title, attorney's, and contractors to help you every step of the way. We will hold your hand as much or as little as needed. We provide free events for education and have one on one training classes.  If you are a flipper we can find the property, provide the contractors, then we list at a discount to save you money. If you want to buy and hold, we will find the property, provide any rehab needed, and then provide you with property management. If you want to be a passive investor we have syndicated deals to help you accomplish your goals. 

Let us help you be financially free!

We also specialize in lake front, farm and ranch properties!
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Sherry Patterson
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